About us

First, I would like to personally welcome you to nullbeans.com, your source for technology and programming information.


My name is Ibrahim, but you can call me Mr.Sunglasses 😎 . I am a software engineer by day, and a tech blogger by night . I have been working in the tech industry since 2012, taking on different roles such as a frontline datacenter support engineer, software tester and software developer. I also completed a BSc and a MSc in Computer Science. During these years, I got to work with different technologies and systems, gaining experience in a wide variety of technical areas along the way.

In 2018, I decided to create nullbeans.com as a platform for storing and sharing technical, problem solving and troubleshooting information with everyone. The name “nullbeans” was choosen because of two reasons. The first part of the name is a “null”, which comes hand in hand with the dreaded nullpointerexception!. The second part is “beans”, AKA, coffee beans, because coffee is the best.

The goal and vision for this platform is to have a repository of technical information that is available for everyone; not just for learning new skills, but also to share information learned during hours of troubleshooting different issues that could save valuable time for everyone. 

That is why you are always encouraged to comment in the posts, not just because you have might have a question, but also because many other people have the same question as you. So when we manage to troubleshoot and answer somebody’s question, everyone wins 🙂 

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