Configuring and mapping database tables to JPA entities

  In this post, we will explore how to map a database tables to JPA Entities. In our example, we will use a Spring Boot environment, JPA 2.2 and Hibernate 5.3.7 . However, the information presented here should apply to any environment with a JPA version of 2.1 or later.   Introduction   In our […]

org.hibernate.MappingException: Could not determine type for: java.util.List – Causes & Fixes

The error In this post, we will explore a very common Hibernate error, namely a MappingException caused by missing annotations on the Entity getters and fields. Let us check the following stack trace as an example:  

  In the next section, we will display the faulty implementation that caused the error above. If you […]

Getting started with Spring boot 2 and JPA

  In this tutorial, we will build a simple Spring boot 2 application with access to a Postgres database using JPA.   Background:   Before we get started, let us get a couple of definitions out of the way.   What is JPA? JPA stands for the “Java Persistence API”. It is a java specification […]