Spring Boot Freemarker Configuration Example

Introduction Freemarker is a powerful Java template engine. It can be used to generate basically anything, from HTML pages, configuration files, e-mails, or anything else. All you need to do is define your template, use Java to prepare the data, and use the Freemarker engine to process your data with the given template to produce […]

Java NullPointerException – examples, causes and fixes

Probably one of the most common and annoying exceptions to be encountered by any Java developer is the dreaded “NullPointerException”. A null pointer exception is thrown when an “illegal” referencing of a null object is performed. A “null” object is an object which is not initialized. Let us explore some examples of how a null […]

How to install Maven 3.5.x on Windows

In the following article, we will find out how to install Apache Maven on Windows. We will be using Windows 8.1 and Maven 3.5.4 in this guide, but the instructions should also be valid for other software versions. Before we start, make sure that you have JDK installed properly on your machine. Next, we will […]

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