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ArithmeticException in Java – Causes & Treatment

In this tutorial, we will introduce a few examples that would highlight the causes of getting an ArithmeticException thrown within a Java program. We will discuss the common causes of the exception, and how these could be treated. What is an ArithmeticException? An arithmetic exception is an error that is thrown when an invalid arithmetic […]

Java ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException – Causes & Fixes

In this tutorial, we will discuss what a Java ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException is, what causes it and how to make sure that you avoid it. What is an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException An array-index out of bounds exception is a Java exception thrown due to the fact that the program is trying to access an element at a position that […]

Spring Boot and Docker example on Windows

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to create a docker container from a Spring Boot application and how to run it in a Windows environment. Most of the tutorials I encountered related to creating Spring Boot containers were focused on Linux, so I thought I would share my experience creating docker containers of your […]

Getting started with Reactive Programming and Reactor Core

Before getting into this tutorial, I recommend that you read our “Understanding reactive programming in Java” post, as it will lay down the foundation to what we will do in this tutorial and will make things a lot easier to understand. In this post, we will go through a sequence of steps that will allow […]

Understanding reactive programming in Java

In this post, we will discuss the principles of reactive programming, which problems is it trying to solve and discuss the basics of reactive programming in Java. This tutorial will focus on the usage of reactive programming in Java but the principles and ideas discussed in this tutorial can apply to other programming languages. This […]

How to cheaply improve your laptop’s performance

Is your laptop running slow? Maybe it is outdated and needs an upgrade? In this post, we will discuss some ways that can improve your laptop’s performance and hopefully you can squeeze in a year or two of usability before needing to buy a new one. Identify the performance bottleneck Before you start performing upgrades on […]

Best gift ideas for programmers and tech savvy people

Photo by from Pexels (photo has been modified) (Disclaimer: this post contains our affiliate links and they redirect to your local Amazon store) In this post, we will discuss some gift ideas that lots of developers, programmers, software engineers or a tech savvy people would appreciate. So, without further ado, let us go to our first […]

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