Do laptop cooling pads really work?

So maybe it is summer time where you live, or you are in a country which has a hot or tropical climate. Or maybe your laptop just runs too hot by design or because it is getting old. If you are considering to buy a laptop cooling pad, then I would recommend that you read […]

How to cheaply improve your laptop’s performance

Is your laptop running slow? Maybe it is outdated and needs an upgrade? In this post, we will discuss some ways that can improve your laptop’s performance and hopefully you can squeeze in a year or two of usability before needing to buy a new one. Identify the performance bottleneck Before you start performing upgrades on […]

Top books to prepare for a Java career in 2019

In this post we will discuss the top 10 books that can get you started with Java and Java related topics in 2019. We will start this post with the most basic books, that will help you get up and running if you have a limited or no experience in programming. And gradually we will […]

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