9 Reasons for keeping software dependencies up to date

In this post, we will explore nine reasons why keeping software dependencies up to date is a very important task, and why it should be part of every software developer’s work routine.   Keeping software secure   Upgrading your software dependencies does not only provide you with the latest and greatest features and APIs, but […]

Auditing using Spring boot, MongoDB and JaVers

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to audit data and generating audit logs and data history entries using JaVers in a Spring boot and MongoDB environment. Prerequistes If you currently do not have a Spring boot environment set up with a MongoDB backend, then we suggest that you check out our Spring boot and MongoDB […]

Spring boot and MongoDB configuration example

In this post, we will configure a Spring boot application to use a MongoDB persistence back-end. Introduction MongoDB is NoSQL, cross-platform, document based database engine. It was initially release in 2009 but has been increasingly popular over the years thanks to its scaleability and increased popularity of NoSQL database systems. Unlike traditional relational database systems […]

What is a BigInteger and how to use it in Java

    A BigInteger is a data structure in Java that is used to represent very large numerical values that would otherwise not fit within a primitive data type such as an int or long. In this post, we will discuss different ways to initialize a BigInteger and how to use it to perform mathematical […]

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