Create, configure and test an MBean in Spring boot using Java config and Jolokia

In this article, we will create a new custom MBean. We will show how to configure this bean and then we will test it using Jolokia (JMX over HTTP). Prerequisites If you have not yet configured Jolokia, then we suggest that you go over this article before you proceed. About MBeans Managed beans (MBeans) allow the […]

How to configure Jolokia on a Spring boot server

In this article, we will find out how to configure Jolokia on a Spring Boot 2 server. We will also configure Jolokia on a different management port and a different base URL. Background Jolokia is a JMX over HTTP bridge that allows system administrators to access their MBeans and JMX functionalities over HTTP and JSON. […]

The Java Comparable interface – Automatically sort collections

Summary: In this post, we will explore how to use the Java comparable interface to automatically sort collections of any classes. We will use the Java Collections from the util library as an example.   Introduction: Java interfaces are one of the most powerful features of the object oriented programming language. When a class implements […]

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